Montana Mugs

Montana Mugs

Creating Custom Handcrafted Works of Functional Art

About US

Montana Mugs was started at the beginning of 2015
as a collaboration between cousins,
Damian Tennyson and Jed Moser.
It also includes Jed’s Father, Chris Moser.

It is a business backed by a wood shop
With over 46+ years of experience (Since 1971), Moser Cabinets.

We are still, in what we like to call, the R&D (Research & Development) stage.
All that basically means is we are coming up with all kinds of new designs and ideas.
We are also working on our production capability at this time,
As every mug is completely custom, one-of-a-kind, hand made, by each of us.

One of the reasons why we enjoy making wooden drinking vessels is,
We enjoy home brewing our own Beer and Wine.
We have been home brewing for many years,
and with the current trend of local brewery’s
We hope that our mugs become something that visitors and locals alike
will want to take home.

Thanks to Damian, who is also a member of the SCA,
we came up with the plan to make wooden mugs.

We experimented with making “period” looking mugs, old world, medieval, etc…
Doing it how they would have 200+ years ago.
Then we came up with newer more modern ways that still look old, or not.
Some of our Mugs are made from one solid piece logs,
while others are laminated horizontally, vertically, or even done like barrels.
We have been fortunate to have an abundant supply of all kinds of wood
& scraps and pieces from all over our wood shop and stored in our barn and warehouse.
We have been able to find some truly unique pieces of rare woods,
and some everyday typical hardwoods.
We are using our very own supply of antlers,
saved up from over 30+ years of our family’s hunting heritage.
We pride our selves on making something not many people have seen before.

Whether some one wants one of our mugs to just display on a shelf
or as an everyday user, they excel at both.
So for a Truly Unique, Montana Made, Local Flathead Valley Business,
there is no comparison to Montana Mugs.